Control statement : if

Conditional statements in C: In C programming language there are four conditional statements. There are four types of conditional statements in C programming language. If If else Else if ladder Nested if When we need to use conditional statements: There are several reason we need to use

Introduction to C

Introduction: Programming in C was developed by Dennnis Ritchie  on 1972 in at Bell Laboratory. That is the reason why has been called as father of C. Programming In C is the professional language now a days. UNIX operating system was developed by using C. C language

List of softwares developed with C/C++ programming

There are so may softwares developed by C and C++ programming languages. Here we are list out those softwares list. Most of the critical softwares developed by C/C++. Even most of the operating systems are developed by C programmings. Mobile operating systems like IOS MeeGo are developed

C Program without recursion to find permutation

I this post you will learn to write a C program without using recursive function to generate the permutation of a given array. The approach using recursive function is more simple and is easily available on internet. I tried this approach as I was not able to

Make C/C++ library files

In this post you will learn how to create you own C C++ library files. I assume you have a basic knowledge of programming in Linux, good knowledge of the C C++ basics and C C++ libraries. The libraries can be of two types object files and

C/C++ Software Libraries Introduction

In this post you will learn about C C++ library (aka object or archive) files. I assume you have a basic knowledge of programming in Linux and good knowledge of the C C++ basics. In brief libraries make programming easy by reducing compile time and allowing re-usability

storage class in C

Storage class in C: The storage class is used to define the scope, life time and visibility of the variable. There are four types of storage class in C programming language. Auto Extern Register Static Auto : Auto is the default storage class for all the variables.

C/C++ Multi Threading

Learning by doing the code is a good way to learn new concept as that said here goes the first multi-threaded C C++ program. [crayon-6146b5cdb044c991564220/] First line of the program is a common include header and the second line includes the header pthread.h [ see standard ]

Advanced C/C++ Programming Introduction

C/C++ has become one of the most dominating programming language in software industry. It is used in wide spectrum of domains like banking, embedded, telecommunication, graphics, animation, game development and huge number of complex softwares like protocol libraries, device drivers, compilers, operating systems, browsers, web servers, audio

Install Linux in your PC

In this post I will show how to installing Linux Mint 17 Qiana one of the most popular Linux distros among others like Ubuntu and Fedora. I have been using Ubuntu for quite sometime after using Linux Mint I wanted to stay with Linux Mint because of