Programming in C was developed by Dennnis Ritchie  on 1972 in at Bell Laboratory. That is the reason why has been called as father of C. Programming In C is the professional language now a days. UNIX operating system was developed by using C. C language has been derived from earlier language “B”.

Here is the List of software developed by C/C++Programming

Why we need to use C:

It is very Easy to learn

This is a structured language.

C is the much more flexible language than other language.

All the memory related operation can be maintained by the programmer.

Program execution is very high.

Threads are allocated by the Operating system. For JAVA threads are allocated by the JVM.

Low level Bit wise operators available in C.


Structure of C:

 Preprocessor and commands

Type definitions

Variables declarations

Statement and expression



C Data types;
C has following in build data types.

Integer à for whole numbers. Example int age = 21;

Float and double à For real numbers. Example double number = 7.252;

Char à for single characters. It has to be denoted with single quotes . Example char a=’x’;

                C doesn’t have in build string data types. Which can be denoted by using character array. By accumulating char into set of values we can generate strings. It should terminate with NULL (‘\0’) character.

Example :

Char name[] = “Techybook”;  (or )

Char name[10]= “Techybook”;


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