In this post I will show how to installing Linux Mint 17 Qiana one of the most popular Linux distros among others like Ubuntu and Fedora. I have been using Ubuntu for quite sometime after using Linux Mint I wanted to stay with Linux Mint because of its user and developer friendly environment. Follow this guide if you want a Linux only PC or install Linux along side Windows.

I assume you have a working knowledge of computers with Windows 7 OS and you have a pendrive with minimum 4GB memory.

1. To begin with do the following in your Windows PC. Download the latest Linux Mint OS from here. As I am writing this post the latest is Linux Mint 17 Qiana.

2. There are four different desktop environment by now Cinnamon, Mate, KDE and Xfce. I have chosen Mate as it is my favorite.

3. Once the Linux Mint ISO file is downloading in parallel download UNetbootin a utility that can create live USB from here andhave it aside. As I write this post the latest version is 6.0.8

4. Once “Linux Mint ISO” download is complete run Unetbootin. In the Unetbootin application click the button with ”  …  ” text on it which is “Select disk image file” button. Browse for the downloaded Linux Mint ISO file and chose the same.

5. Insert your pendrive and select “USB Drive” in “Type” dropdown list box or do nothing if it is already selected. By now you should see your pendrive in the “Drive” dropdown list box.

6. Click “OK” Unetbootin will start preparing the live USB. This may take some time wait until the process is complete

7. After the process is complete Unetbootin will promote for system reboot. Close any other application running and click “Reboot” button. Do not remove the pendrive yet.

8. The system will restart and should boot Linux Mint from the pendrive. If not it can be because of any of following reasons

  • Your PC comes with EFI instead of BIOS or
  • Local HDD is set priority in boot order  in the BIOS setting

9. If the boot from the pendrive is success. You should see the Linux Mint desktop and “Install Linux Mint” icon on the desktop. Click the install icon and follow the on screen procedures.

10. After installation is complete you will see a reboot prompt. Now remove the pendrive and click “Reboot”. To remove the pendrive is important else once for again the system will boot from the pendrive which don’t want.

11. After system restart you will see Grub boot loader window with the list of OS installed in your PC. Choose “Linux Mint” from the list. Linux Mint OS will boot now and the login screen will appear. Use the “Username” and “Password” you entered during installation and login the account.

And now you have installed Linux Mint OS and ready to use it.