I this post we have provided part 4 of the most common C++ interview questions along with answers. We recommend you to try to answer the questions, before referring to the given answer. If you find any mistake or a better alternate solution we are happy to see your suggestions and comments

1. What is template?

Ans : Template is the facility to handle more than one data type in single declaration

2. What is STL?

Ans : Standard implementation of containers

3. What is a container class?

Ans : A class that allows to have a collection of other objects

4. What are the container available in C++?

  • Sequence Containers
    • list
    • deque
    • vector
    • array (C++ 11)
    • forward_list (C++ 11)
  • Associative Containers
    • set
    • multiset
    • map
    • multimap
    • unordered_set (C++ 11)
    • unordered_multiset (C++ 11)
    • unordered_map (C++ 11)
    • unordered_multimap (C++ 11)
  • Container Adopters
    • stack (LIFO)
    • queue (FIFO)
    • priority_queue

5. What is the difference between vector and deque?

Ans : In vector the elements are in continuous memory location but not continuous in deque

6. What is the difference between vector and C++ 11 STL array?

Ans : Vector can be resized and STL array cannot be resized

7. What is the difference between regular array and C++ 11 STL array?

Ans : STL array provided boundary checkĀ  and is not possible in regular array

8. What is the difference between list and deque?

Ans : Deque supports random access iterator while list doen’t

9. What is a iterator?

Ans : A object that allows to access each element in a container

10. What are the different types of iterator?

  • Input
  • Output
  • Forward
  • Bidirectional
  • Random Access