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Looping statements in c with examples

Looping statemnets in C: Looping statements are used to repeat the certain part of codes  until the condition becomes false. Its used to perform repetitive tasks. Loop can be determines when looping count is constant and it can be execute certain times with the user’s inputs also.

C program to find the n th largest number in a array without sorting

Write a C program to find the n th largest or smallest number in a array without sorting. It is very easy to find the largest number in the already sorted numbers. If the number is unsorted then we need to sort the array. After that we

How to find the middle node of the linked list

Find the middle node of the list by using doubly linked list: Write a program to find the middle node in the doubly linked list. For linked list there is no data limit. And we don’t have any idea to identify how many data are present in

C Program to read entire file content into memory

How to Write a function to read entire file into memory: Whenever we need to read file by the time we need to know the exact file size or else we keep on reading file with maximum size. suppose if the file size is 20 bytes but

If else statement

if else conditional statement in C programming language: syntax: if(condition) { true block; } else { false block; } Explanation: First if will check the conditon if the condition is true then true block will be exectued. Suppose the condition becomes false then false block will executed.

Control statement : if

Conditional statements in C: In C programming language there are four conditional statements. There are four types of conditional statements in C programming language. If If else Else if ladder Nested if When we need to use conditional statements: There are several reason we need to use

Introduction to C

Introduction: Programming in C was developed by Dennnis Ritchie  on 1972 in at Bell Laboratory. That is the reason why has been called as father of C. Programming In C is the professional language now a days. UNIX operating system was developed by using C. C language

storage class in C

Storage class in C: The storage class is used to define the scope, life time and visibility of the variable. There are four types of storage class in C programming language. Auto Extern Register Static Auto : Auto is the default storage class for all the variables.